Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Better Sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group's report on the sunscreens of 2014 found that nearly 2/3 of reviewed products are either ineffective or contain harmful ingredients. 

 Summary article with links to EWG's report and other sources

Your skin has numerous defenses to protect itself. They come from nutrients that you must consume regularly and from the lipids you need to quit washing out of your skin with soap.

Make a habit of consuming the many foods high in nutrients that protect you from sun damage Drink some green tea  and apply topically.  Use a good, fresh high linoleic acid containing oil such as safflower oil regularly as a moisturizer. Make some tomato sauces & soups.

Nutrients that protect you from sun damage:
Lycopene from cooked tomatoes, watermelon, pink guava
Proanthocyanids found in purple/black berries, fruits, tea, cocoa, purple onions and cabbage.  

Some things are good for applying after sun exposure to prevent free radical damage include aloe vera,  vitamin C and green tea.

So, get some sun exposure to make the oh so important Vitamin D, then put on a hat & shirt. 

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