The Many Factors that Lead to Acne Formation and What to Do About Them

So, as I've mentioned, I have been participating in an acne and nutrition discussion forum for several years where I began organizing info from others and from tons of research of my own.  While I start figuring out how to organize all that on my own site, here are links so you can access all that information:

Good things for Acne

Covering all these interrelated things:
-Stable Blood Sugar/Insulin/good Glucose Metabolism You'll have to scroll down past the index.
-Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle
-Hormone Balance
-Healthy Liver Function
-Healthy Adrenal Function
-Good, Complete Digestion/Healthy Digestive Tract
-Allergies and food intolerances
-Reducing Hyperkeratinization/Hyperproliferation - Stage 1 in the formation of acne.
-Good Sleep/Light exposure/Circadian cycle.
-Hyper/Hypothyroid - lowers SHBG levels, increases inflammation
-Immune system
-Topical treatment - care from the outside.
-Exercise - The right kind. Affects nearly everything, like blood sugar, sleep, stress, mood...
-Body Fat - affects inflammation and hormone levels
-Brain health, Stress, Mood, Willpower, Depression, etc Because your diet can't clear if you stress out over everything.
-Oily skin, fat metabolism and Sebum quality
-Your Health - Numbers to know and monitor, home tests
-Anti-Aging - because someone asked and the same diet and lifestyle habits help that too.

All this may seem overwhelming, but it's really not. Notice how inter-related most of these things are and how the same nutrients and habits appear over and over because they help so many issues. Also, most things listed here are just plain good for you period. Things everyone should do regardless of acne. Good for whatever ails you. For anti-aging, disease prevention, wellness, happiness...

What you want is a healthy lifestyle with natural circadian cycle, stress management, physical activity and a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory blood sugar stabilizing diet that doesn't include anything you have an intolerance for. 
More on WHAT TO DO.If you just want to be told what to do, skip to here.

Other great threads:
-Doctors and other experts admitting to the diet and acne connection thread

-Members who've cleared their skin via diet and lifestyle habits

-Clinical studies on the connection between diet and acne

Special Posts:
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Coconut Oil
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